Welcome to Brown Rang Tees!

As T-shirt enthusiasts, we realized there weren’t many tees that captured the trendy and unique south Asian (Desi) humor, cultural pride, and self-expressive  designs. Quite often, we’d see hilarious Desi memes and videos and say to ourselves, “Oh man, I’d rock a t-shirt with that on!” or “I’m so getting this for Preeti!” After seeing this come up over and over again, we decided to experiment with some chemicals and formulas to come up with the perfect blend of unique and fun Desi designs. Our unbelievably comfortable, 100% (pre-shrunk) cotton shirts bring together two of our favorite things: the essential T-shirt and the best aspects about our “brown” culture. Thus, Brown Rang was born. BROWNRANG.COM is the only place to shop for a funny, extremely comfy and affordable Desi T-shirt that you'll love wearing. Our Desi T-shirt collections capture the funniest brown themes that you’ll love wearing.

So... take a look, have a laugh, and buy one (or five :)) of our super comfy tees, and wear it with pride – you owe it to yourself!  



Giving back to the community is a very important aspect of doing business. As we grew the business, we relied on the help of many different people and this help was usually given out of the kindness of their hearts. Because we understand the importance of always giving back in way or another, we embedded a “giving back” mentality within our business model. This is a huge piece of us and our business. You may wonder... "who do we give back to and how often?" - on a quarterly basis, Brown Rang LLC will donate a percentage of our profits to different organizations - the organizations will rotate quarterly.

As we get this up and running, we will look to you for your suggestions on the next charity that you would like us to consider. To start, we are happy to consider Autism research as our first nonprofit organization that a portion of our earnings will be going to.

Happy buying and giving back!


Our mission is to introduce the Desi community with tees that capture the trendy and unique Desi humor, cultural pride, and self-expressive designs. We want to bring to the "brown" community funny, extremely comfy and affordable Desi T-shirts that capture the funniest brown themes and also bring all South Asians together to reminisce the best aspects of being brown. In creating Brown Rang, we saw an opportunity to unite all “brown” people regardless of religions or countries. Together, we could reminisce our “Growing Pains”, love for various types of dances - like Garba and Bhangra - and relate to wanting to change some Desi norms, such as “top 3 career choices for brown people” (I hope you’re able to get our references because those are all t-shirt designs;)).

Our “Brown” culture is one that is so unique and vibrant yet there are no tees that truly capture, not just the funny aspects about our culture, but the things we love most. From gung-ho Bollywood and Cricket fans, to foodie and drinks enthusiasts, to quirky self-bragging rights and independent cultural pride designs - these are just some of the many themes that, in one way or another, are printed on our tees.

We hope we are able to extend our love and pride for our brown culture in our tees and in the process increase the love and awareness all over.