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Blog post #4! Thought we’d never come around to our beloved blogs… (HINT: There's A LOT going on...)! So before I begin another entertaining post, let me start by saying THANK YOU! I know I say that in every post, but you gotta give thanks to the ones that support your mission, designs, and brand. The feeling is incredible when you see folks proudly rep and support the BRT brand. Frankly, we’re so happy we’ve had so many supporters through organic channels AND it’s only been 8 months! So THANK YOU!

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Warm up with New Desi Apparel!

Do you know why I love the winter season? Obviously, it’s a time to spend with friends and family, BUT it’s also the best time to give gifts! There’s over 20+ holidays that are celebrated in the last quarter of the year from Diwali,

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eneet rana

Well, it’s officially been two months since we’ve launched and the support has been immense. We had an idea of what to expect when launching but we’re so pleased to see the support not just from our customers, but also many organizations. A special shout out to all the Colleges and Desi organizations/ businesses who have decided to partner with us. 

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What makes our shirts so special? Click here to find out!

A shirt that is perfect for going out with friends, working out, or just relaxing at home. When deciding on which shirts to use, we landed on the all-time favorite, 100% cotton tee. Some shirts are blends of 50/50 ring spun combed, but at the end of the day, the shirts are SUPER soft. In addition to our shirts being super comfy and soft, they are a fashion fit - we use premium t-shirts for all our unique desi designs (unlike Gildan and Jerzees). 

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So... About Us

There are 2 things that we love most: (1) the essential, go-to- sleep-in, spend-a- day-at- the-park- in, and workout-in t-shirt and (2) the “brown” culture. We love being Desi; from the food to the fashion, the Desi life is the life for us.

In thinking through this idea a little more, we realized there were already some t-shirts for Desi that were trending within our community, but what we noticed was that most T-shirts were for specific groups within the South Asian community. We saw an opportunity to bring all South Asians together and reminisce the best aspects of being brown that transcend all groups in our community. We saw an opportunity to unite all “brown” people regardless of religions or countries. 

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