Well, it’s officially been two months since we’ve launched and the support has been immense. We had an idea of what to expect when launching but we’re so pleased to see the support not just from our customers, but also many organizations. A special shout out to all the Colleges and Desi organizations/ businesses who have decided to partner with us. Soon you'll be able to see who we’ve partnered with in our partners page along with a website banner we are developing so stay tuned! We look forward to the endless possibilities with our partnerships!

Our mantra as we continue into our third month is 2 words: Social Media. We cannot stress enough to our customers and supporters the importance of social media as we look to get Brown Rang’s brand out to the public. Through Instagram and Facebook, we’ve been able to reach hundreds of people and want to continue this momentum. This is where you come in. WE WANT YOU to continue sharing, liking, following our social media, posts, and blogs. Many of you have ordered our premium soft tees and it’s time you all flaunt what ya got. Post selfies of yourselves and tag us with #BrownRangTees and @BrownRangTees on your social media pages. We love giving shout outs to our customers and partners! One of the pillars to our marketing is social media, so please help us keep this pillar strong as we continue to keep you guys engaged through our social media platforms.

As I mentioned above, we have partnered with a few Desi organizations and businesses and consider this another pillar of our marketing platform that we want to keep strong. We are big on collaborating and open to being YOUR official custom apparel printing vendor as well as providing an exclusive discount for members/followers/listeners/viewers of your organization. So if you’re a mendhi artist, a DJ, belong to a Desi student association at a University, or any kind of small business, then WE WANT YOU

Lastly, the third pillar in our marketing platform is Desi events! You’ll see we’ve blasted some posts to our social media regarding a few upcoming Melas. And you guessed it! We will be selling our shirts there as well! WE WANT YOU to continue your support by not just sharing the events with your networks, but to attend as well! In addition to our t-shirt setup, there will be food, raffles and games, and other nifty Desi shops that will be set up.

There’s a lot going on in the Brown Rang world as we look to get the brand out there and create new designs for the fall quarter, so let’s continue to keep the momentum and support going by sharing posts, taking selfies, and rockin’ your super comfy tees!