So... About Us

As I begin our first blog for Brown Rang Tees, I just want to start off by saying THANK YOU! Thank you to our family. Thank you to our friends. Thank you to our supporters. And thank YOU for taking an interest and reading our very first blog! We hope you had a chance to check out our site and liked what you saw. With time, we will be putting up new t-shirts designs and more products as well, which may pique your interest.

Now that you know we are really thankful (that should give you some insight “about us” :) for all your help that was given out of the kindness of your hearts, let’s get to our first blog post: ABOUT US. We will post blogs periodically that will mostly be related to the Desi community, in addition to some new things that will be up and coming to Brown Rang. But to start, we want to let you know a bit about us and why/how we decided to put together a t-shirt business. So why t-shirts for the Desi community? To start, there are 2 things that we love most: the essential comfortable, go-to- sleep-in, spend-a- day-at- the-park- in, and workout-in t-shirt and the “brown” culture. We love being Desi; from the food to the fashion, wearing Desi culture - the Desi life is the life for us.

So why not combine our two favorite things into 1, thus Brown Rang Tees was born. In thinking through this idea a little more, we realized there were already some t-shirts for Desi that were trending within our community, but what we noticed was that most T-shirts were for specific groups within the South Asian community. We saw an opportunity to bring all South Asians together and reminisce the best aspects of being brown that transcend all groups in our community. We saw an opportunity to unite all “brown” people regardless of religions or countries. Together, we could reminisce our “Growing Pains”, love for various types of dances - like Garba and Bhangra - and relate to wanting to change some Desi norms, such as “top 3 career choices for brown people” (I hope you’re able to get our references because those are all t-shirt designs;)). By no means do we want to “promote” Desi stereotypes, but actually own those pieces about our culture, such as some “Growing Pains” we all faced. So after some thought, we had funny and witty slogans and designs in mind to put on t-shirts and that’s really how Brown Rang Tees started to get momentum.

Giving back to the community is a very important aspect of doing business. As we grew the business, we relied on the help of many different people and this help was usually given out of the kindness of their hearts. Because we understand the importance of always giving back in way or another, we embedded a “giving back” mentality within our business model. This is a huge piece of us and our business. You may wonder... "who do we give back to and how often?" - on a monthly basis, Brown Rang LLC will donate a percentage of our profits to different organizations - the organizations will rotate quarterly.

As we get this up and running, we will look to you for your suggestions on the next charity that you would like us to consider. To start, we are happy to consider Autism research as our first nonprofit organization that a portion of our earnings will be going to.

For a first blog post, we hope you’ve gotten a glimpse into what our vision is in creating this and we hope you all join us for this ride!

Desi. Comfort. Wear. + Giving Back.